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International Recipes to Make When You’re Craving Global Cuisine

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Traveling can be fun, and part of its excitement lies in discovering different cuisines and cuisines from around the world. These easy recipes will bring some of that world to your kitchen!

These recipes will satisfy every craving! With options spanning Ethiopian-style meals to Japanese grilled foods and Caribbean spices – not to mention vegetarian or vegan alternatives for every meal plan – you’re sure to find something suitable here!

1. Ethiopian-Style Meal Prep

Ethiopian cuisine is famous for its use of spices and herbs, particularly its potency spice blend known as berbere that incorporates 16 ingredients. Ethiopian recipes often rely on this flavorful mix that can be found at most grocery stores; alternatively it can easily be made at home!

Ethiopian meals typically center around injera, made of teff flour. This versatile bread serves as the foundation of most Ethiopian dishes and can be eaten alongside all sorts of delicious sauces, stews and vegetables on one plate.

Chechebsa is an Ethiopian version of samosa that makes for an irresistibly tasty breakfast treat. Filled with meat or veggies and then deep fried for extra deliciousness. Try making this tasty treat yourself and you will surely delight the entire family at breakfast time!

Breakfast favourite siga wat is an egg stew dish served with injera and usually garnished with some of the mouthwatering eggplant dip – an absolute must try appetizer.

At lunch, kay atar kik wot, or spicy yellow pea stew, is an enjoyable choice that offers lots of umami from tomatoes, onions and peppers. Additionally, this dish can help use up leftover injera.

Kitfo is an Ethiopian and Eritrean street food dish similar to steak tartare. Served on top of niter kibbeh (raw minced beef combined with mitmita spice blend), this delectable treat has become increasingly popular as well.

Dinner can’t get any tastier than chicken shawarma with berbere! Packed full of juicy, flavorful chicken pieces and served alongside a tasty salad made with the same blend, it makes an enjoyable dining experience.

2. Asian-Inspired One-Pot Meals

Travel the globe without leaving your kitchen with these delicious international one-pot recipes. From Indian curry to Filipino chicken adobo, these comfort food recipes come from around the globe – even making traditional Jamaican cabbage, sweet potato and fried noodles dishes with their distinctive sauce!

These dinner ideas are easy enough for busy weeknights! Most recipes are also very frugal, making these international dinner ideas suitable for anyone on a tight budget. Furthermore, their versatile nature ensures everyone can find something they enjoy on your table — from meat lovers to vegetarians alike!

No matter the temperature outside, these Asian-inspired recipes offer something warm and comforting to satisfy even your heartiest appetites. Try this delectable Chinese Hot and Sour Soup featuring mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and water chestnuts cooked up into an easy vegetable broth recipe – guaranteed to warm the soul on even the chilliest of days!

Or try this delicious Korean BBQ chicken dish that can either be grilled or baked in the oven. Packed with flavor and packed with grain-rich grains like rice for maximum satiation and satisfaction!

Rice is an integral component of Asian cuisine, so it should come as no surprise that this international recipe is such a hit! This one-pot noodle soup provides comforting warmth from its fragrant ginger, garlic, onion, and white pepper-laced broth while egg noodles cook to perfection in it all – add extra protein by topping your bowl off with a hard-boiled egg for even more protein goodness!

3. Mexican-Inspired One-Pot Meals

Eat your way across the globe with these international recipes! They are ideal for when you have limited time but want something different; yet still pack all of the flavors from different regions or countries!

Try one pot Mexican rice casserole featuring fajita-seasoned chicken and sweet corn kernels as an easy, delicious meal for the whole family that requires no separate starch and protein sides; all ingredients can easily be found at most grocery stores!

If you’re in the mood for something light and fresh, give this Palestinian Zucchini & Tahini Salad a try! Its lightness of zucchini pairs nicely with richness of Tahini and tart pomegranate Molasses for an irresistibly satisfying dish! Make this part of your bucket list while staying healthy at once!

Are you looking to add even more creativity into your meals? Try mixing up the flavor profiles of some of your favorites by switching up their flavor profiles with spices, herbs and aromatics used in their recipe – for instance swapping out ginger for cinnamon and cardamom could give your chilaquiles a Peruvian flare! Even minor adjustments like this can have an enormous impact – the next time something inspires you in another region try recreating some traditional dishes right at home!

4. Southwestern-Inspired One-Pot Meals

Though casserole-inspired meals can make a welcome treat from time to time, incorporating international flavors can elevate your dinners to another level. From French classics such as coq au vin to Mexican dishes and Caribbean spices – international recipes will take your dinners on an international journey without ever leaving your kitchen!

Southwestern-inspired meals are incredibly popular in the US due to their fresh ingredients and easy preparation process. This Tex-Mex recipe for Southwest Rice (or Cowboy Caviar) is vegetarian-friendly, budget-conscious, versatile one-pot dish which can serve both as side or main course; plus can even be used in cheese casseroles, burritos or even salad!

Middle Eastern food has seen a resurgence of interest over recent years due to its healthy, flavorful dishes with warming spice notes. One such Palestinian mezze (a series of small plates) includes this light and fresh zucchini and tahini salad which features silky smooth tahini combined with the tart bite of pomegranate molasses for an unforgettable flavor combination.

European cuisine would not be what it is without the intricate aromatic dishes from Spain, including paella’s golden hues and tapas and pinxtos’ abundant flavors – these recipes will transport you directly to Spain without ever leaving your own kitchen!

5. North African-Inspired One-Pot Meals

On a culinary tour to Africa, you will experience aromas of exotic spices, the stimulating tones of Ethiopian coffee and relaxing yet invigorating cacao from Congolese beans? just some of the many flavor profiles.

African cuisine is an aromatic blend of Arab, Indian and European influences, from hearty stews to sizzling grilled meats. Aromatic spices, nutritious grains and flavorful fruits create an abundance of comfort while simultaneously pleasing your palette.

These seven African recipes will take you on an incredible culinary adventure without even leaving your kitchen!

Begin your Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew journey with this hearty vegetarian dish, packed full of vibrant veggies and exotic spices that add depth of flavor. Perfect with injera bread but equally delectable by itself.

Add another meatless main course to your repertoire with this North African-Inspired Harira stew, featuring flavorful chickpeas, hearty lentils, aromatic spices like cinnamon, ginger and cumin for an irresistibly warm combination. Perfect for cold nights when served alongside flatbread.

Make this hearty East African meal with matoke with beans for an East African feast that is easy to make and packed with flavor! Enjoy it with a game of online poker on any of the sites reviewed on! For an enchanting South African curry dish, check out this one, which also contains several warm spices that add depth and complexity.

Make the traditional South African snack dish, bobotie, at home for an enticing twist with fresh apricots and fragrant cinnamon for an intriguing dish! Or experiment with chermoula; an aromatic North African condiment similar to Mediterranean or Middle Eastern-influenced chimichurri.